April Fools Jokes

Daylight savings time

Daylight Spending TimeWhen I was in junior high school my mother played agood trick on my father. She was always an earlyriser (as in 5: 00 a. m. ). My father had to get up at7: 00 for work. She went around the house and set allthe clocks to 9: 25 or so, then ran frantically intohis room, and woke him up yelling " John! John! Youoverslept! " He was just about out the door before shebroke down and let him in on the joke.

Mom, I'm pregnant!

One April Fools Day, when I was about 15 or 16, I told my mom I was pregnant. It was really funny to see her reaction, but I got in major trouble when I told her I was joking. Some people just don't appreciate a good joke…

i got a referal

I never do anything that i would get a referl in school for. So one day in 8th grade i asked one of my teachers to write me up. And he did. When i got home my mom was sleeping and my dad was in the living room. I handed him the copy that i got to take home and he read it. while he was reading it u gould see the anger building in him. Then he laughed at the end. My mom comes out of the room awhile later and reads it. While she is reading it she asks me questions like " who was it? " And she luaghed at the end. A this is what it said i had been cuaght by three girls writing that a teacher sucks in the girls bathroom and that i would be suspended for a couple of days and that i would have to by paint to cover it up and at the end it said that i knew that this was a april fools joke my parent were pissed before they read that i knew it was a joke


Toilet TrickHey, this party was on April Fool's Day, so anything goes, right? Anyway, at the party there were two bathrooms. I went to the busiest one and did my usual medicine cabinet snooping and found some Icee Hot behind the mirror. So, on my way out I smeared the toilet seat with a thin layer of gel. After I left, I got a beer but positioned myself so I could see if the next person out reacted. Yeah, baby! The heat hit this chick as she was just leaving. Her eyes popped open and she did a 180 degree turn right back into the bathroom. Good practical joke: priceless.